Tuesday, January 16, 2007

About.com's Crochet section has a small collection of vintage Venetian Crochet patterns. They are all updated versions of patterns found in the 1915 "Handbook of Needlecraft". I enlarged this square motif using Pattons "Grace" and a 3.25mm hook and am v.pleased with result.
The problem is that About.com fails to explain what Venetian Crochet is. I'm not sure that I understand where it differs from Irish Crochet (bering in mind that much of Irish Crochet technique came about from a need to recreate costly Venetian -not crocheted- Lace.) Are they basically the same thing? Is the Venetian flatter-none of the few patterns I've found include the trademark irish starting loop/cord padding or multilayered quality.
Can anyone point me in the direction of some current examples?
If you're interested in Irish Crochet here are some good resources: Victorian Crochet.com
White Works.com
But the Antique Irish Lace Museum is a must: Sheelin Museum

Lord Sebastian is quite puzzled by the whole thing, squinting as he is in the Venice sun.

Soundtrack:"Bron-yr-Aur Stomp", Led Zeppelin

ps This just in-Sebastian Flyte has a myspace account. Who knew?


Lynn One, Purl Two said...

now if i could only crochet... (sniff, sniff) i still haven't made a new years resolution. perhaps that should be it!

Anonymous said...

I just learned to crochet, and haven't seen anything like that. It's so pretty. Thanks for posting, I'm off to find out more...

sylv said...

don't know about venetian crochet, but your square is very pretty !! Much of the doily style thingies turn up so cute when enlarged and with regular yarn... I've seen a shawlette made out of a XLed doily.. :-P

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