Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Quick Note About Comments

Hi there, once and future readers. 
  I wanted to post this to remind you that while this blog is still "active" I am not actively maintaining it.  If you have questions about the patterns housed here (or about anything on this blog) please direct comments to me on

Here is the link to the original patterns found on the blog:

Although I no longer offer free patterns, I continue to answer questions about these items.  You can pose a question as a comment on the project page, or send me a (private) message from the first link.

If you have questions about the free vintage patterns that are found on, I am happy to answer these questions, though these patterns may not have a pattern page on ravelry.  The best method is to send me a message directly, through (my ravelry name is pomoboho).  We don't have to be "friends" for you to do this, but friend me if you like!


PS It feels like I'm time travelling

PPS This is also a good time to remind you all that The Loop has moved from 1547 Barrington Street, to 1557 Barrington Street.

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