Thursday, January 21, 2010

Event Updates

Time for an Update, I should think.

The Loop is holding a fundraiser for Haiti Disaster Relief. Knitters are invited to donate yarn from their stash and then to come in and buy from someone else's stash this weekend ( January 23rd and 24th) Proceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross Haiti Disaster Relief Fund. We've been receiving great stuff. There will be a raffle, advice for donations, and general good feelings.
Non-Knitters are invited too. "Darning for Dollars" will be on all weekend to help mend your worn out woolens. Your $10 donation will help mend overseas. Bring in your holey socks or snagged sweaters for us to fix...we can teach you to mend as well! Gentlemen and Needle-phobics encouraged.
I think it should be good fun and promote warm feelings in and out.
Find out more at The Loop's website

While there, check on two upcoming classes; Intro to Crochet and an Amigurumi Crochet Workshop.
I am trying something new with the Intro Class. Project orientated classes always work best and I've tried many different patterns in the past. I'm now going with a Sampler Scarf. Most of the Stitch Patterns are comprised of cleverly placed single crochets and I, myself was shocked with the many textures and patterns that came about with just a little experimentation.
It's a great exercise for any crocheter and frankly, nothing beats a Sampler.

The Amigurumi class is one we've never run as a workshop so it will be fun to see how many different animals and characters we can produce round the table.

I'm also lending my hook to the Lunchtime Enrichment Program at Le Marchant St Thomas.
Parents please note:
Sessions are every Tuesday lunch starting February 2.
Materials will be provided, but favorite colours and bits and pieces from home are welcome. We will be crocheting, but will also try spinning our own wool! Kids will be able to produce results after the first lesson and will learn about where the yarn we use comes from.

As in previous years a blog has been created to recap each session as it takes place and to cover any new techniques we learn. Each technique will be videotaped from the Crocheter's perspective for easy translation to hands. Although there is no 'homework' for this program, students will be able to use the blog to perfect any tricky stitches or catch up from home.
This blog will be private, uses no names, and the web address will be given to each student (along with this web address) at the first session.

I am always available here at my personal blog for questions or concerns; just leave a comment (these are private). I may also be tracked down at The Loop at 1547 Barrington St on Thursdays and Sundays. We'd love to see you...maybe someone else in the family is a bit of a yarnie, or would like to revamp their skills?

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Anonymous said...

How are plans coming for the trip? It seems like ... How are plans coming for the trip? It seems like you have lots going on in Nova Scotia, so we wont expect Edinburgh about you staying here in Deeside, but maybe you could get in touch with the others; Lindsay and Andrew?

Also, will you try and see your Irish friend from school?
We love reading your blog here and will keep checking back as your plans firm up.
All our love, your Scottish readership

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