Monday, May 11, 2009

Not a Man's Woman, but a Boye's Girl.

Or, Vintage Needlework Ads #2

Boye's Ad and T-shirt offer circa 1970. I would love one of these shirts. Boye's crochet hooks really are my favorites. I used them in high school and spent hours scouring the Goodwill for ways to emulate the "Boye's Girl's" look. I would still like to find her jeans. OK, the whole look and 'do.

Today you can find a "Needlemaster" (or some-such) kit from Boye much like the small rectangular one pictured. I endorse them wholeheartedly, particularly for those crocheters with tight tensions or those who would like to become speedier workers.

I'm a sucker for the great shiny colours they come in. The hook is slidey but not slippery, the crook is gently curved as opposed to notched and the tip is rounded and not at all pokey-though there is an apex for attacking stiff fabric.
A notched hook crook is particularly problematic for beginners; stitches are apt to slip into no mans land and tighten up, locking them in place.
If you find aluminum hooks hard on your hands, I would suggest a rubber pencil sleeve (for hooks that are pencil thickness)

It is hard to talk about Boyes without being misunderstood.

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