Sunday, September 21, 2008

Garden Gate

[Examining Sticky Buns at Ciboulette]
In my favorite deck, the 9 and 10 of wands are expressed by a gate and then a garden. Maybe that's why I decided ages ago to adapt the Fiddlesticks shawl pattern "Garden Shawl" into a ballet wrap sweater. Oh no, I remember; it was Ms. Nicks.
In her song of the same or close enough name, Stevie Nicks plays with tenses to say that sometimes it's getting in the garden door that makes you tense. I think lace plays with emotional tesseracts too. One single string is manipulated into a structured fabric, but the road is weird and twisty and some stitches don't actually happen though you keep doggedly working forward. Often it's what has already happened that will decide the future and the present step doesn't really matter much. It's linear thought with blackouts where the yarn overs lay. And why not arrange your black outs and lost weekends in an attractive manner?
Drop stitches at the arm, where the lace edging was knit onto the raglan sleeve, are like things I have decided to forget. Fiddle dee dee, and Tarleton twins, etc. Scarlett strikes again.
I suppose I'm feeling these days, that the basis of my reality is a flimsy thing. Strong and sturdy, (as it is entirely my own construction) but in need of the occasional blocking and to be handled with care.


jkleclerc said...

That is gorgeous. Nice work.

SylvChezPlum said...

It's looking beautiful ! THose little sleeves are precious.

Medea said...

It's beautiful!!

Longhorn Diva said...

Holy crap, this is brilliant!! How did you do it? Did you do a raglan top-down with the lace pattern? Sorry, my mouth is agape, and stuttering to catch's just that pretty. Excellent work.

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