Saturday, April 05, 2008

Motifs for Camiknickers

Motifs have a way of multiplying when you're not looking. It's akin to the pot never boiling and several other thermodynamic adages of love which are too clever for me.

Even toasting their bottoms on the shop's rad however, could not spurn these 3" dc circles to propagate at the rate promised by Stitchcraft Magazine in 1933:

" fact two people working at it together, one crocheting and one stitching, could finish the whole thing in an afternoon."

Beans. I am pretty darn swift at double crochets but I feel like Ina Claire in "The Royal Family of Broadway"

If only my little circles could pick up on the spring in the those pigeons on the sill...oh my.

...go visit The Loop Craft Cafe's new blog.

1 comment:

meegiemoo said...

Are you back working at the Loop?

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