Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I wonder what clever thing David Hockney might have to say about
Optics and the use of mirrors in 4-way Needlework (Bargello/Flame Stitch, above) and in Quilting.
His motto of "Optics don't make marks" may help defend Embroidery and Quilting's reliance on strict patterning motifs.
The Charts don't make the Stitches.

Speaking of 'Secret Knowledge', someone should write a book about Needlepoint as hand-held and easily disguised Labyrinth Meditations... and other tools (documentation, excuse, communications, keeping sharp as a needle). Not all of the reasons for it's enduring 'Ladylike' status are denigrating. Would Eleanor of Aquitaine or Elizabeth I have put up with that?
PS Is the Vintage Knit-Along no longer running?

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