Saturday, December 01, 2007

Like all good crocheters this year I've been rippling. I"ve been using Vanna White's new acrylic collection of yarns which I'm sure is v.naughty and tacky, but it comes in great colours and is making a washable (read: ok to curl up in and spill soup on) afghan. An Afvannaghan.

I'm using it for compulsory Granny Squares too, but combining it all with updated vintage crochet trims for a crazy quilt kind of effect. Here it is in early days and lately:

Although I'm still committed to creating a crazy quilt, the quilting premise that interests me much more is that of Tessellations and Symmetry. In particular I'd love to understand Scientists', Mathematicians' and Crystallographers' use of these principles and to explore how they could be used to apply Sacred Geometry to a blanket (a sacred item, no?). Surely one of the reasons that neo crochet has adopted afghans is because of their ability to convey care and love.
I think this is all doable. If you create a complex tessellation from a basic shape, they may easily be crocheted; squares, triangles, hexagons-basic motifs. If this motif is altered into a non symmetrical shape (imagine cutting out an odd shape out of a granny square) and this shape is reattached in a similarly wonky way (the motif could perhaps be worked in a strange new way to reflect the finished shape, or the extra appendage could be added like trim?) a complex, Escher like tessellation will have been created that can be combined with other identical friends into a variety of designs- square or ripply.

ps I am no longer rippling; I'm undulating.



Wow. Looks like you've been busy lately! How's things out east? We've been busy with school here in Kingston. Duncan and I are taking a movie making program with Kelly Dear over at LCVI. I think your mom knows her. Well Kelly at least knows your mom! Anyways! we miss you guys!

TNewton said...

Do you have photos of this finished? It looks very fun and I'd love to see how it's progressed!

TNewton said...

I'd love to see the finished product of this crazy crochet quilt. It's beautiful.

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