Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It is back to school today. This past semester was my last vernal trip back to highschool in the tardis that is Ernestown. No more wacka wacka sword fights or ball games or bets (yes, I knew about that). Odessa On must have the highest concentration of snarky, clever girls and raunchy, sweet boys. Their willingness to play any part (while wearing stuffed animals on their heads), and to listen, indulge and cheer is the most gentle grace I have seen in Ontario. I miss them already.

ps I have already stolen The Cheshire Cat/SM who moves to Halifax next week. TweedleDee/Humpty/AD and his Lady Love (who just walked in the door!) are coming soon. Next are K.H. and my Lads, who I intend to make stars.
pps not back yet

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Steph said...

M - we miss your horribly.

I was the Queen of Hearts in our grade 5 musical of The Trial of Alice in Wonderland - I'm quite adept at ordering people around, "off with their heads" etc, so do let me know if you need assistance in planning your return. A few well-placed threats work wonders in getting boxes packed.

Henry sends his love.

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