Thursday, June 07, 2007

Current Inspiration:

Lula's Fourth Issue. Touching and Touched.

The Women, spec. Rosalind Russell's bustles

Pattern + Palette's 2nd Sourcebook

"Though we live in the same city, you live in another state, far away from me and all of my unfaded charms"....oh Rufus aren't boys beasts when they come back from Germany??

Jill Barker

Richard Saja at Historically Inaccurate Decorative Arts

Bibliotheque DMC Point de Croix c.1909

Boldini's portraits of Marthe Bibesco, Renee Vivien etc


Les Mecs Food Jammers

I am fascinated by Fascinators.

And will all of these things be able to express themselves harmoniously in a fair isle jumper? You bet your toe-ups.

Soundtrack: "Apple A Day", Jeremy Shallenberger, ft. Jay Bender

link:here maybe?


Geekzilla said...

*sigh* Retro inspiration. I so live in the wrong era.

Steph said...

Morgaroooooooo - where are you? We miss you and your aura of other-worldliness.

Anonymous said...

I love that dress on the cover of Lula...

Anonymous said...

Stop stealing the Seniors.

Anonymous said...

where did the song link go?

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