Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Last week I took myself down to the Frontenac Library and was overwhelmed by it's craft section. I had not visited the Library since I was in school (and so was landed with a hefty fine on The Amazon and The Page)and was not prepared for the El Dorado I found.

I discovered some great historical accounts of Fair Isle patterning and a valiant attempt at charting the famous Prince of Wales sweater. (Not Chuck's-although he was presented with quite the jumper himself when he and Di visited Kingston in the 80s). Wasn't Edward fashionable pre-Wallis? My Granny has many interesting tales about Mrs Simpson and the lurid ways in which she seduced the throne. I don't believe any of them even though a few of them came from "glossy" magazines (not common paper ones,so it's true, says Granny)

HRH The Prince Edward, Duke of Rothesay by John St Helier Lander c.1923

I think I might give it a go, or at least swatch the pattern repeat. HRH Edward wore the sweater golfing at St. Andrew's. Granny once golfed there as well so she should get a kick out of it.
If I do try it out then I feel it's only right that someone make the following. This is the most amazing thing ever!!! It is a bat wing sweater...with bat wings on the bat wings!!! Don't you get it? This is way more ironic than the tuxedo tshirt and it is simply begging to be Cathy. Please urge her to cast on in Warani asap.

HRH The Prince of Darkness, c.1986

Read a wonderful vintage article about Edward VIII's influence on Fashion

a very funny article on irony in men's fashion...eerily reminiscent of my brief stint in conventional high school.

Soundtrack: "Landslide",Stevie Nicks w/ the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The one off the new bestof. The one that ends "Thank you Andrew."



Geekzilla said...

ZOMG! I think that sweater would rock as a wrap. I am not overly fond of the bat wing sweater. That being said, I do love the delicious recursion of the design.

P.S. Come home soon! I have many crafty ideas and need help getting them off the ground!

Anonymous said...

I love your video feed at the bottom. I wonder what Erica Kane would have been like if she had stayed a Nun. Oh yeah; you.
I read the guy's article. What you did at KCVI was different but just as wacko.

Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying your blog! I read it once a week or so and must tell you it's one of the best I've seen. What a lot of eyecandy you gave us today! The 1923 Prince portrait -- wow! Speaking of which, good luck on your Princely Projects, as well.

Thanks again for inspiration and entertainment from a newbie nitter.


morgan said...

Thank you so much Candace!
Your comment has made several of my days! Any chance of a blog from you????

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
natasha said...

i have a hard time with the library, because unless i don't like the book, i want to own it. as a kid, books and music were our entertainment and the only things we really had, and i just want to HAVE em. unless it sucks, then, who cares. so, i scope it out at the bookstore and then pick it up as cheap as possible on amazon or the like, although my friend shannon, the knitgrrl herself told me that online bookstores cut the teeny amount of money that authors make on books down even further.

anyway, love the blog and i can't believe how advanced your knitting is. whoa!

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