Friday, May 12, 2006

Well, Inky was right; Al the Alpaca is a horrible blogger. I really must stop expecting amigurumi to do my dirty work. Not that blogging is dirty work, but digging myself out of this muddy pit of silence will be.

I'm in Ontario at the mo, getting up to too little no good, and helping my Drama Teacher Mum put on the school play; Snow White as a very fractured fairy tale. The show was postponed (otherwise I'd be back in halifax) so it's affording me time to crochet the set. Not really, but Rapunzel has a lovely phentex wig, Igor the bodyguard has doublecrocheted chain mail, and Dingo the Hedgehog (a puppet) has a beatle wig. (Get it? John Paul George and Dingo? Apple records, poison apples?) It's not quite filling the void left by my UFB shows and KOL but its a start.

Not much per.knitting to report, but I'm falling in love with crocheted dolls/amigurumi. I'm starting to think I might abandon hats, at least for a while. Or maybe just for one night.......

I have not been hatting lads. I'ts loosing it's mystique. Did the plastercaster go through this i wonder? Anyways, there is a show coming up. A BIG show. Well, a big hatting opportunity -someone I really admire (and okay pledged my love to when i was 13 and still carry a behemoth torch for) and who i don't want to just stick any old hat on. Here is my plan; I will crochet them a doll of themselves (perhaps with removable red velvet bellbottoms -any guesses yet?) which will be holding a coupon good for one custom one of a kind stage costume-prolly an involved scarf the likes of which inspire rockstars to propose. I will keep you posted. Have to phone lady friends in Halifax for advice and maybe some string pulling.

Perhaps I will leave off here, so i have lots more to report in the next week (I will blog!) A huge hug and congratulations to Christine and family!!!

***ATTENTION****Clearly it is August. Clearly I did not post this on May 12th though I did draft it (and don't remember why I didn't post it). Clearly no crocheted animal can disguise the fact that I am a crap blogger. I am reminded of elementary school when months late with assignments and in dire straits, I would express my project, process and eventual 'breakthrough' through an ill conceived interpretative dance. Would that I could, gentle readers.


Anonymous said...

Do you think I could pull off the interpretive dance for my phd thesis? I have a feeling my advisory committee wouldn't dig it.

That said - YAY POST! Do you know that I resorted to bloglines to stalk you in a little more subtle manner?

meegiemoo said...

I'm looking forward to your interpretive dance duo tonight with your ma. Can you dance and crochet at the same time?

Alison said...

Moe--what are you doing posting before it's even 7am? Make the rest of us look bad!

Morgan, I just watched your granny collage that you linked to from you KOL comment! You are going to look like her when you're her age!

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