Monday, January 09, 2006

Why can't I get my computer yet? When I do I can post photos. When I do I can stay online for long enough to blog. When I do I can update my ipod. When I do I wont be grumpy. I'm getting the above model in the 12" version which goes with my new idog (named rufus). Yes, I buy computers to go with my toys. Or, I would if I could get my hands on one. Wed. they tell me.

In the mean time I'm working away on crochet patterns. I want to make this free people shawl and if I don't have to fake my way through it, it will be a pattern too. I now have enough written that I think I could put together a book proposal lol. Spesh, when every crochet pattern book I look at is littered with the same old dishcloths and single crochet scarves.
I'm seriously thinking of buying a domain name and selling patterns online ala glampyre. Why not, right? (Well 'not' cause I don't have my &%$*^@# laptop yet). *sidebar: also on this phantom ibook is 'garage band' a program that will let me record my own demo cd. I have started writing songs about crocheting hats already and will slip them to the lads as they try on the hat...maybe not.

A belated happy birthday to my one and only (name withheld) I will make him a cd too; covering all his songs but inserting my name and knitting.

"Left holdin' the slub again
Weaving it in at both ends
Don't believe Fleece Artist is a friend
Thick[yarn], thick & thin[yarn]"

Ok, it needs some work LOL but at least now you know I'm working on finishing a project in FA slub.

I happen to know they listen to Charlie Parker in the tourbus anyway.
On the needles now is a topdown raglan with leafy vines down the sleaves and a low cut square neck. Now hold your breath...I'm knitting it with 8mms and double stranded Red Heart Super Saver. Why? (this doesnt get better) well, I started the project (expecting disaster)in Phentex. See, there's this shade of Phentex acrylic I really like! A mossy green. It is no more. I am heartbroken.
See? Pretty colour right? Anyway phentex must have realized it was too good to be true and was giving their acrylic line a bad name and now it is gone. I will add "Requiem for an Acrylic" to my cd. Posted by Picasa
Anyway, I will post photos of this new sweater when I can. Thank you for all the comments about Mum's scarf! I will post photos of that too as soon as we have a glamour photo shoot.happy new year,

Soundtrack:"Love in a Trashcan", The Ravonettes, "Queen Bee", Devendra Barnhart

PS Speaking of favorite yarns, did anybody else get the call for submissions email from debbie stoller?


Sylvana said...

That shawl looks beautiful. I totally agree with you about crochet patterns, it's so difficult to find something nice.
I have to say that i like a lot your blog and all your projects and even when i don't following pattern directions you give me a lot of ideas and i'll try to to figure out something simmilar to that shawl.

Steph said...

Morgaroo - we're not all as hip as you. Debbie Stoller has your email address?

You are so in.

We miss you horribly. Come home soon.

Anonymous said...

I really like the shawl! Are those tiny granny squares on the ends? Cute.

Debbie S has emailed you? Steph's right, you are very hip.

Are you home yet?

ps. pretty computer. what is an idog?

Shannon Aileen said...

Hi Morgan! What submission email? What what what? I'm dying! Ms. Stoller has my email address because one of my patterns is in the forthcoming Happy Hooker book...but I guess I'm not hip enough for the new thing....what is the new thing? Arggghhh! I know, secrets are secrets...
Your boyfriend is a cutie. I'm a sucker for the long hair..I try to hide that from my own beautiful (and coincidentally long-haired) man.

Ninja Knitter said...

Oooh. Love the shawl - that's uberfunky. I agree that the world needs less neon acrylic granny square afghans (Yes, I have one, thanks to my lovely wacky auntie) and more pretty crochet.

Btw, I'm dying to see the anime hair thingy you've worked up...come back soon!

Lynne said...

OOH! Ms. SnB herself has mass mailed you? *swoon*

Come back soon, we need to come up with some geeky newbie things to make!

morgan said...

gak! I just posted about the email cause im trying to figure out what it's about. i cant figure who got them and who didn't. v.mysterious. ps i don't think im in, but id like to be sure lol

jemadiknits said...

A cool crochet book would be awesome...I only finally learned to knit because I couldn't find enough stuff I wanted to crochet! Thanks for the cherry garcia comment.

yahaira said...

you'd make wonderful patterns. the world needs hip crochet patterns.
I say go for it

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