Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Finished Sweater: "Into The Woods". I think I might post the pattern ... eventually. It worked up fairly quickly (despite Kingston running out of yarn for two frustrating weeks). I'm now obsessed with double stranding; it's just so clever.

I'm working on items for shows again which means I need a real knitting challenge to counter act all the jumbo gauge crocheting. (I'm not doing the Knitting Olympics, though. Way too much pressure thank you.) I want to try elann's lace shell with cap sleeves but I've frogged it about five times now. A lot of that has been my fault, not keeping track of raglan vs lace increases, but I swear it's a weird pattern. If anyone has tried it please let me know. I figure if I get the knack, I can substitute other laces into it. ooooh, and a slight peplem. Will try and blog more.... Soundtrack: "The Maritimes", Classified, "Twenty Something", Dala

Monday, February 06, 2006

Here's my wip sweater...finally found enough yarn to finish it so maybe I'll be able to wear it to KOLtomorrow! I think I might post the pattern when I'm done. I'm up so late cause I'm trying to finish off a submission for Vickie Howell. How amazing would that be? Wow I need more coffee though...

Is anyone watching Project Runway??? It's sooooo good! That's all I've got for now, cept for some devil horns of course.

Soundtrack: Assorted Crowes to keep me awake....

ps going to take the ferry over to the new tangled skeins tomorrow. whee!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Celebrity Crochet Photo Alert!

Here we have Miss Tayna Kim (from etalk daily) modeling a fluorescent wristband which I hope will be the workshop project when kids crochet classes start up. I had just said to a friend the day before that I should start carrying a hat in my bag "just in case". All I had was a single crochet wristband. Oh well. Very good sport, I must say; she said I could totally get Ben Mulroney hatted in various embarrassing poses come Juno Awards time and she promised to pass my business card along to him. Yikes! I think I'll crochet a Frakenstein hat just for the occasion.

New Patterns! Above is a version of the overdone spiral scarf but with this cool nameless yarn that looks like the milkyway. Below is my Austin Scarf. So pretty and practical. Writing up this pattern was a pain in the butt (the celestial scarf was two lines long) but I think it's really worth it.
In other news, we had a weather bomb here in halifax so KOL was cancelled. I was so upset! I really missed my knitting nite while I was in Ontario (I just got back this week). Oh well, next week ladies. Shots in the Dark. lol

By the way, while I'm on the topic of knitting groups.....

Soundtrack: "Hands In My Pockets", Jim Guthrie
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