Sunday, April 03, 2005

Home again, home again. The trip was crazy but coming home to all those amazing comments was so wonderful I can't even tell you how much. Thankyou thankyou! The problem with getting them published is that I don't who would be interested. I don't think IK or Knitty would like my stuff. That said I think that means that there is a market for them...maybe on my blog? Or could I set myself up like StichDiva or folks like that? I'll have to give it a good long think ala Pooh Bear.
Morgan fact: I didn't make the connection between Kanga and Roo being kangaroos until well past puberty. I also didn't realise that Polkaroo is always played by the guy (Can.girls will know what I mean) Okay, I just realised as I wrote that that they're both 'roo's! hmmm that must mean something...any ideas what?
Well I'm going to post again later. Ihave so many things here at my apartment that I havn’t had photos of to post since I started my site. I also love it when y’all post photos of where you knit so I will do that too. I even took photos on the train of the project I worked on for the 24h hours it took to get here. So stay tuned, I guess. Thankyou again for the notes of encouragement here on the blog! Can’t wait to see what everybody else has been working on you talented ladies! I love our little community :)

I’m off to write something for Femiknitz for their new issue and to work on my portfolio so I can shop some things around town here in Halifax.

ps My book I ordered with the giftcertificate from my SecretPal is here and it is sooo cool. Not what I expected and I havn’t read it through yet but it looks really cool. I also got my signed copy of Jenny Hart’s kit!

pps Does anyone know if Hello (the program) will work on older OS’s (I’m still using my little orange ibook)

ppps ok I’m really going now, I can hear my soup boiling...and the tugboats in the harbour. I made gloup soup w/everything in the kitchen. I had no groceries in(but the bar was fully stocked lol) Plus my amazing Aunt met me at the station with a 6pack of Guinness, but alas I had no veg in the fridge. Gloup on!

Soundtrack: "Summer's Gone", Aberfeldy
"La Valse D'Amelie", Yann Tiersen

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